11 May 2018

Sorry Sir

I'm sorry, Sir, your race card has been declined.

Ex-congressman says he's 'given up on America' after sentenced for 3rd conviction.

If America was truly racist there'd have been no way a poor black man from Mississippi could have earned a Rhodes Scholarship and graduated Harvard, then proceeded to become a Congressman.

His ass would still be poor and in Mississippi.

It wasn't racism that caused you to bang an underage girl.
It wasn't racism that caused you to commit fraud with your campaign fund.
It wasn't racism that kept you from declaring your income and filing taxes on it.

Want to hear something ironic?

Former Congressman Reynolds behavior is predicted by racists who take the position that blacks simply cannot learn to behave.

Congratulations Convict!  You are so damn stupid about things you make racists look smart.

That took work.

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