23 May 2018

I'm Better And I Know Best Because I Got Military Training


Because I'm really, really good at cleaning toilets, buffing floors and picking up cigarette butts.

I also know how to mow lawns.

I can make beds and iron clothes.

What, you meant combat skills?

I can put a 120mm round into a tank target at 5km.

I can mow down infantry with a coaxial machinegun.

I can break track and do a complete PMCS on an M1 series main battle tank.

Well, I could.  Judging from pictures, there's been some changes to my mount over the years, so I might have to break out the book to do some of what I used to know by heart.

While I was "trained" in the use of a pistol and rifle (and SMG) I don't think those skills were worth much since they were all super simple tables at short ranges.  We were expected to crew tanks after all.


  1. But you got the basic skills... THOSE count for something. :-)

  2. Oh for shame, what you know by heart is to always break out the book (engineering changes, corrections made etc.)

    1. We didn't get one update to our books the entire time I was there.

  3. Then shame goes to QA, Maint. Officer and CO.

    1. It's because of where I was stationed and when. I got to the unit for the last trip to the field with the M60A3(TTS), those were replaced by M1(IP) and then M1A1(HA).

      We were rid of the Pattons so any updates went to the next owners.
      We didn't have the M1(IP) long enough for the next round of updates to get there and the M1A1(HA) had up to date books with the delivery.


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