26 May 2018

Y Body Repair Flow Chart

Check for codes with your Tech 2.

If no codes, check the wiring diagrams and see if the two things acting strange share a circuit.

Check the fuse.  If the fuse is good...

Check to see if the things are plugged in.  If they are plugged in...

Check for voltage at the appropriate spot.  If you have voltage...

Replace thing with solid state logic built into it because GM.

I am confounded that while there's nothing mechanically wrong that the system is dead because it's computerized.

I happen to like hard switches and a lever that's hooked directly and mechanically to the blend door.  Those things still work on my 300k mile 1991 Biscayne SS!  The AC is mechanically broke on the Biscayne...  Boy-proofing just devours all the maintenance funds here.

What was that line from Star Trek?  The more complicated you make the plumbing, the easier it is to stop it up.


  1. Had a 93 Chrysler Imperial that was slowly dying electrically, as the repair parts were no longer available. Florida with no ac due to some computerized part not able to handle the heat (what Chrysler tech told me.) Not uncomfortable when the car was moving, but the city policy is to unsynchronize the lights in order to encourage people to use public transportation.

    Yay. Leather seats, no a/c, wiring system breaking down, I was secretly glad when that pos finally died.

    1. I'm in the gray world with my Corvette. It's too new for the collector's places to have started making replacement everything. Too old to expect everything to keep working.


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