19 May 2018

Just Fence Me In



We're now privacy fenced on two of three sides of the back yard.

Thanks to JT and Marv for the excellent assistance!


  1. When we put up our first privacy fence back in the early 90s, I was surprised that instead of feeling like the backyard got smaller, it felt like it got bigger. I never thought that in my mind I was already viewing the edges of my yard as other people's property infringing on mine. Or something like that. Hard to imagine not having it now.

  2. Is there any particular reason for using timber?

    I only ask because I just finished a similar job, but used steel sheets.

    Same number of posts and holes, but then just adding a bottom rail, four powder-coated, corrugated sheets, and a top rail makes it a LOT faster. All held together with eight self-drilling screws per 3.2 metre panel.

    When I priced it, steel was also a LOT cheaper here in Oz.

    1. The panels are cheap in timber.

      We can build up to a 6' tall fence made from wood, PVC or chain-link without pulling a building permit.

      Because of that permitting requirement, wood, PVC and chain-link are all the local home-improvement places carry.

      I suspect that it's because of our local hurricane risks is why there's no metal-sheet fencing


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