05 May 2018


Traveller Physics 250:

Gravity, it was found, was like all the other forces in that it "pushes" rather than "pulls".

This is why there are repulsor bays, and not tractor beams.  Gravity doesn't pull.

It presses into areas of high mass, with an increasing "pressure" as the mass increases.

It was discovered that this pressure, once TL9+ math was applied to the equations, readily accounted for the missing mass in the universe.

Traveller has no dark matter.  Traveller is also NOT the real universe.

The gravity pressure model allows for, among other things, reactionless thrusters, jump-drives, gravity pumped fusion power plants, artificial gravity, contra-gravity, meson-weapons and grav-compensators.

We mere moles and trolls at TL8 literally cannot comprehend the mathematics which explains it.

Before you refute my silly double-talk, remember I am not proposing this as a real model of how the universe works, but as a means to apply some science-fiction crunchy coating to some space-opera technology.

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