18 May 2018

Lot 17

St George Single Malt Whiskey

You can't call it scotch, because it's made in California.  But it's a 15 year scotch otherwise.  No peat, seaweed, or corpses.  Almost sweet.

And look, ye purists, no ice!


  1. When I was visiting Europe, I had a guy that worked in a Scotch distillery tell me that the best way to drink Scotch is a couple of fingers of Scotch in a glass with two (only two, no more, no less) ice cubes in it.

    I do like most Scotches (and other whiskeys) that I've tasted neat (no ice, no water), but on the rocks or with a dab of water can radically change some of them in interesting ways.

    Single malt or blended, I don't personally care. They can both be wonderful. And they can both be horrible. It's all a matter of tase. :)

  2. I suggest they call it Cotch (as in C for California made COTCH!)


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