02 July 2016

Saved By The Digital Nanny

I believe myself to be a better than middlin' driver.

I have a couple of certificates to show that I've taken some classes and receipts for running in races and autocrosses (track day, Brah?).

I leave the active handling and traction control engaged.


Because when 436 hp breaks loose the rear tires they're LOOSE and I'm 45˚ off center before I can counter-steer.  Then when you back off the tires grab and you're now 45˚ pointed wrong.

The traction control and active handling will cut the power for you and tap the brake on the offending wheels.  Instead of a 45 degree fishtail, you get a thud of lost power then you can resume your travels.

It's faster than recovering from the drift!


  1. I remember almost crashing the rental Vette with the traction control off. You aren't joking.

    1. I was watching you trying to recover that. I figured for sure you'd bought a wrecked Vette, but you managed to save it.


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