04 July 2016

Shame Shame Shame Shame

The instructions are clear about where to measure the depth from.

If you remember to read them, that is.

Marv now has a paper-weight.

His bare lower went better.  But he's a bit, um, eager on the router so he exceeded the feed rate and managed to chip the tips of the flutes.  New one ordered.


  1. I feel his pain. Only those who never try things never make mistakes.

    (Who me? I've never drilled a hole in the wrong place. For some approximations of the word "never".)

    It may be fixable, given a lathe and some time.

    1. The costs of fixing an 80% lower is just about the price of a replacement 80% lower. 7075T6 is kind of notorious about welding and turning into a blob.

  2. I'm trying to figure out how that happened...

    1. Overconfident because of a first initial success is how we forgot to measure depth from the top of the jig rather than top of the work.

      And overcoming my shop experience where you measure penetration from the edge of the material, never the fixturing.

      Now we have written in that the top of the jig is 1.401" above the work and the measured depth of the drill depth guide. Now we can set the stop on the drill press to the correct depth and be good.

      Breaking the flutes happened when Marv tried to muscle the router cutting rather than just letting it happen. He also tried to bite too deep many times. The end result is he's got a bit of a fillet along the bottom of his trigger pocket.

  3. Well, at least that wasn't a lower you'd had fancy engraving done on...


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