16 February 2020

Camera Resurrection

Marv's old Canon PowerShot S5 IS, after being repeatedly dropped, decided to add a blue filter effect to every photo.

It would clear up temporarily if you set a custom white balance, but it wouldn't stick.

Interestingly, video was fine.

Marv changed every single setting trying to find the combination to stop the filter and eventually gave up and bought an SX20 IS.

The other day while yapping about camera stuff I told Geff my reasoning for buying every single one of my cameras and Marv's camera story came up.

"Did you try a reset to factory settings?" he asked.

I indicated that he must have, because he said he'd tried everything.

Friday I asked Marv, "Geff asks if you tried a factory reset?"

"No...." he replied trailing off.

He tried it and his camera is back to normal.

Today's DURR moment brought to you by the letter H.

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