24 February 2020

The Want Has Faded

In the way back days...

I bought a brand new Colt Anaconda 4" in .45 Colt for the lofty sum of... I don't remember.

I sold it for about half.

I regretted that sale for years and I've bought two Anacondas to replace it.

The 4" .44 I didn't keep for long.

The 6" .45 I still have.

The silly reason I bought  the first one and have kept the second was from gaming in Pugsly's "play yourself" wild west campaign.

It meant that anything you could cart through the door of his house, you could have in game.

Not realizing that .44 Russian can be used in a .44 Magnum, I looked for a modern gun in a round that was available in 1876.  .45 Colt won the day and the Anaconda in 3e terms is WAY better than a Peacemaker.

That 6" .45 has languished in the back of the security cabinet for... a long time.  The want has worn off.

It's very photogenic though:


  1. I like .45 Colt myself, mainly for its historical associations. However, it would severely ruin the day of anybody stupid enough to try a home invasion. And IIRC there are also lever-action carbines and rifles that take that cartridge, so that is a point in its favor.

    1. In 1876 there weren't lever guns in .45 Colt. Today's cartridges aren't made the same and the rim back then wasn't suitable for use in lever guns.

      I have a reproduction of a Winchester 1873 made by Uberti in .45 Colt. My Peacemaker clone is likewise in .45 Colt.

      .44-40 was the more common brace of those guns in the way-back.


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