20 February 2020

What If

I think we can admit that the M1903 rifle was a copy of the best ideas Mauser and others brought to the table in the "we must replace the Krag-Jorgenson" rush after the end of the Spanish-American war.

The M1903 is a Kragified 1893 Spanish Mauser kinda-sorta.

But what if they'd gone a step further in their admiration and gone with 7x57mm too?

Probably wouldn't have had to change the chamber in 1906 to accommodate the development of spitzer rounds.

We coulda had Cartidge, Ball, Caliber .28, Model of 1903.

Twenty-eight aught tree just doesn't have the same ring to it.

But I wonder if, by the end of WW2, it would have made adoption of something like .280 British easier because we'd already accepted sub-thirty caliber rounds and won a war with them.

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