20 November 2021

Mixed Feelings

Andrew Coffee IV was acquitted of the charges of trying to murder three cops who busted into his house in a no-knock search.

These same cops, guns-a-blazin' shot his girlfriend, Alteria Woods, dead.

But, because he's a felon in possession, he's been convicted of that and will likely still be going to prison for a lengthy stay.

Why mixed feelings?

Because felon in possession is hardly ever pursued.  If it were, there'd be lots more repeat offenders in prison.

Because I object to the idea of felon in possession in the first place because I'm a believer that if you're too dangerous to be allowed a firearm, you're too dangerous to be allowed among normal people.

Because too fucking many things are felonies to begin with.  The punishments don't fit the crimes too often, and look it's our old friend Warren Drugs who caused that.

But I am thrilled that he proved that you can, indeed, shoot back at the cops when they're the ones in the wrong and prevail.

No-knock searches need to be illegal.

The cops need to be better, not worse or as good as, Domino's in getting the address correct.

The cops need to have a much higher standard for getting a warrant than the word of someone trying to weasel their way to a lighter sentence (or someone looking to put a competing criminal out of business).

Hey, those are Warren Drugs too!

Now, when do the three cops who ventilated poor Ms Woods get their murder trials?  Because if they were so far in the wrong that a felon in possession was found innocent of shooting at them, they were VERY far in the wrong.

I demand justice!


  1. That's an excellent summary, McThag. I find myself pretty much completely in agreement.

    The felon in possession thing is like you say: if they've done their sentence, their civil rights should be restored. If they're judged too dangerous to have civil rights, they shouldn't be released. Florida passed that as a law a few years ago but this seems to be about a shooting in '17 so I think that was before that law was voted on?

    It would make no sense at all, to me, if they give him the 30 year sentence for possession after saying virtually everything else was acceptable.

  2. I pretty much agree with all of that. Things are messed up, just not necessarily the same way that a lot of the protesters these days think. A lot of things that are blamed on racism that can be as adequately explained by stupidity like Warren Drugs.

  3. After doing a little googling I found that apparently Lone Wolf, who makes a number of Glock conversion barrels used to (around 2015-2016) make a .38 Super kit for a Glock 20. It apparently included a barrel and recoil spring. From what I gather it wasn't a high production item and they haven't made any in a while.


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