25 November 2021


J Kb at Miggy's says, 

That was the whole point of the Rittenhouse trial and why so many were invested in i

That was the whole point.

The state had to convict Rittenhouse to protect their unofficial Brownshirt thugs in Antifa.

The people needed him acquitted so that Antifa knew we could defend ourselves from them.

The people won and Antifa is shitting itself.


The Left wanted us to have to cower in fear of Antifa.

The Rittenhouse verdict defies that.

I hope every time some Antifa thug assaults someone they get blasted.

In reply to Andy Ngo's:

I would suggest to Antifa that if you don't want to get shot, stop being violent thugs.

But I notice the tone is more along the lines of upping the violence rather than taking the hint.

A hint they should heed, because they're not in the majority and there's way more red pills out there than they have people.  People are waking up to the idea that mobs need to be opposed.


  1. 1973,the news was all about car jackings. The answer is obvious. Have a pistol and shoot whoever tries to open your door. But Nooo,, That was somehow Bad. Until the people being killed, dragged away, hung up in a seatbelt,, got too big and the Guvnah of Louisiana told his state, Enough of this! If you want to get a gun and defend yourself, do it! Aaand after a coupla weeks of news reports of assholes flopping around, screaming and bleeding, Gutshot pieces of shit,,the fun seemed to have died down on that game.
    Jeff Cooper was right.
    The criminals are not in fear of the law or the cops.
    So they have to be afraid of the people who they want to make their victims.
    Having a police force is great, but the whole
    That is Our Job and you can't do it and not get in trouble
    Idea needs to be rethought.

    1. Sadly, these days for most things the police are mostly for filing a report so the victim can make a claim to their insurance. They can't be depended on being their quickly enough to do anything to prevent crimes, and the prosecutors and courts can't be depended on to do their jobs to hold the guilty accountable. The prosecutors are too busy trying to railroad the innocent who are trying to protect themselves or property. They are all too often on the side of the criminals.

  2. The path before Kyle is now clear. Sue the pants off the Media that libeled him

    1. I hope he makes the libelous media pay. They called him a murderer and worse before the trial had even started, without knowing all the evidence. They intentionally tried to intimidate the jury and influence the verdict. They are scum.

    2. I hope he sues the politicians that badmouthed him even once the truth was well known (the truth was known within 4 hours of the incidents, but nobody cared about that.)

      Be funny if President Fumbles McPuddingbrain is liable for falsehoods he mumbled.

  3. Antifa are all Maoist/Stalinist scum. They are the ones in favor of oppression and tyranny. Just their flavor of it. They should be scared. We should all know now that these leftist mobs must be stood up to. They must be destroyed and disbursed. By any means necessary.

  4. Well, if the police had just fired when being hit by bricks, or lasered in the eyes, or been molotoved, or hit by vehicles or beaten or stabbed, this would have been over last year.

    And, of course, if the same FBI used the same techniques against Antifa and BLM they used against the Jan6CapMarchers and other not-leftwing moonbat crazy anarchists, again, this would have been over last year. But, no, real national socialists gotta brownshirt, real international socialists gotta blackshirt.

    1. Joe McCarthy has been vindicated. He was right all along. The US Government, especially the Dept of Justice, FBI and BATFE have been infiltrated by Maoist/Stalinist/Marxist scum. Antifa are their peeps and they are backed by the force of the federal jackbooted thugs. They are all for the leftist agitators and will never work against them or for righteous non-leftists.

    2. Yep. And funny, the information that he started his commie hunt on was from the State Department's own internal investigations of Soviet penetration into the State Department (which, by mid WWII, was pretty much fully infiltrated.)

      McCarthy was used by others and then when they got what they wanted, tossed aside. Gee, where have we seen that lately?

  5. The game is just beginning.

    1. The game's been going on for a long while. Just someone finally read all of the rules, not the assumed rules or the made-up rules, and the rules are beginning to be followed like they should have.

      Too bad the rules weren't followed in the Arbery case. Yes, the three dudes were dumbasses, but the assault was first by Arbery.


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