22 June 2024


The first commercially viable automatic transmission, the Hydra-Matic went on the market in 1939 in the Oldsmobile Series 60.

The first torque converter Dynaflow went out the door in a Buick in 1949.

The well loved Powerglide was introduced to Chevys in 1950.

So, yes, Anonymous Commenter, there were automatic transmissions in 1958 and they were available for the Stovebolt Six powered Biscayne.  For extra money.

But an auto got you a wide brake pedal instead of square brake and similar clutch pedals.


  1. I believe that comment was mine. I have no idea why it wasn't signed.

    1. Because Google doesn't maintain Blogger much anymore and they log you out at random without a good way for you tell it's happened until your comment gets deleted.

    2. And if you're not logged in that way it forgets your comment as every single post... Dohh...


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