19 June 2024

Why Can't I Celebrate?

There's black people who're saying they don't want us white people celebrating Juneteenth.

Why can't we?

If I were bitter and cynical I'd say:

We did all the fucking work.

We won the war.  If we hadn't, the troops wouldn't have made it to the far reaches of Texas by June 19th, or any other day.  Freedom would never have come.

We passed three Constitutional amendments to make sure the victory stuck.

But I'm merely disappointed.

This is really OUR day to celebrate.

I want you to prosper with your freedom and be happy.

So stop looking for shit to be pissed about and get to prospering already.


  1. Someone who I know who is a self proclaimed DEI person posted a whole big screed about this on LI recently. Their big thing was complaints that "stop killing us". Of course, the dirty thing people like her don't want to talk about is that it mostly isn't whitey that is killing black people. Most black people are killed by other black people. Far more are killed by gang members in places like Chicago every year than are killed by Police officers. And of black people killed by Police? A fair number of the Police involved are also black. And frankly most of the people killed by Police regardless of race have nobody to blame for being killed but themselves. Sure, there are bad cops, and there are people who are unjustly killed by Police. And maybe black people are disproportionately victims of that. But it is not at all reasonable to make it out like black people aren't at more danger from other black people than anything else. Yet they fight against any attempt to enforce laws.

    We have a few local examples here... Two killed due to gang violence at Round Rock's Juneteenth event last weekend. And a short time before that a couple more were killed at the wAwful House near where I live, again, apparently due to gang violence. The reason for the sudden rise in gang violence I believe is the innefective Soros funded DA who openly ran on a criminal friendly platform where he promised to prosecute Police but not anyone he considered "traditionally disenfranchised". In his short tenure we've seen a massive increase in crime. It doesn't help that the APD was de-funded by the city council and had to cancel two whole academy classes while they created new "sensitivity training". Leaving them now several hundred officers short handed. It's a gigantic cluster.

  2. My response is: "Fine! I'm celebrating the execution of two traitors who gave the USSR information that helped them build an atomic bomb!"


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