14 June 2024

Maybe Pepperidge Farms

Remember when June was Men's Mental Health Awareness Month?


  1. Honestly basically nobody gives a flying shit about men's mental health. The government and big corporations all want us to off ourselves so they can keep all the money we've paid into Social Security and Life Insurance premiums and give it to someone else. If we live too long we start costing them too much in healthcare, etc.
    Especially as we get closer to "retirement age". If we are actually allowed to retire we start to get back what we paid for, and they can't afford that. If we die of natural causes or accident they have to pay, completely unacceptable. If we die by our own hand they can keep the money. We're all a bunch of deplorables anyway.

  2. I've always thought that "Pride Month" should be in August, or maybe September. After all---pride goeth before the fall.


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