23 June 2024

Oh No! Anyway...

Local rapper Julio Foolio was murdered in Tampa.

Apparently he was a member of a gang and they are at war with another gang.

It's a statistic, not a tragedy.

It is statistically unlikely that his killer looked much different from him.  Well, aside from the hair.

It wasn't a cop that killed him.

It wasn't a member of the KKK.

It was another black man.

Yet, we're going to be hearing about disarming everyone with a gun who wasn't there and didn't do it; aren't we?


  1. "Just kind of fear I’d say. I really didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t expect to hear gunshots. Just kind of rattled me," said one guest who wished not to be identified.

    Hangs around with gang bangrers... doesn't expect to hear gunshots? Can you say naive or BS? People should know by now that if you don't want to hear gunshots, staying far away from "rappers" is a good plan.

  2. Round up the usual music critics.

  3. I think aspiring rap artist might have passed lumberjack and commercial fisherman as the most dangerous job in the country.

    1. Not just dangerous for them, you really don't want to be anywhere near them because the people that do them in are usually indiscriminate and often really poor shots. Lots of collateral damage. Frankly even attending their shows is often not really safe. We had 2 killed and 14 others wounded at an event featuring rappers near here recently. It didn't surprise me at all sadly.


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