12 June 2024

Sooner Or Later

It will be later, but I think we might be inching up on it...

The Supreme Court is going to have to rule against the executive branch doing legislation.

The separation of powers is clear, and things are out of control because it's being ignored.

My 4473 example is just another time I'm mentioning it, but I've covered this philosophical ground before.

The way the founders were thinking was that if something was going to be illegal then Congress had to make it so, explicitly, and for them to vote on it.

That way, if The People didn't like it, they could readily identify the people causing the problem, vote them out and get someone who actually represented them.

Regulations, on the other hand, are promulgated by faceless bureaucrats that the voter has little to no chance of eliminating even if every elected official is to their liking.

It weren't supposed to be this way, but there's a distinct lack of movement towards fixing it.  But there is SOME movement.

Nuking Chevron deference will go a long way, and SCOTUS appears poised to do that.

Fingers crossed.

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