19 June 2024

Up Up Down Down Up Up Down Down

Flushed out Marv's brake lines on his Impala SS the old fashioned way!

We'd have used the pressure bleeder that JT generously loaned us, but...

Round fitting on a rectangular brake reservoir.

So I did a leg work out and Marv opened and closed the bleeder screws repeatedly until the fluid changed from nasty to clear.

What started this was Marv swapping a new rear into the car and the rear brakes being completely dry from the transfer.

To completely flush the system takes just more than a quart of DOT 4.

He reports that the pedal feels much better than before.  We put our heads together and we think he last did this... many years ago.  Too long really.  It's something that's easy to forget to do.

I think I might just do it on my cars before we return the bleeder.  I think I have a round cap on my reservoirs.


  1. I do all cars every 3 to 4 years. And keep records. My sons and daughter notsomucho, so when they say "the brakes don't work right" it is invariably a major job. Reality will be hard when I am gone. Sigh!

  2. I've seen brake fluid that looked like dirty motor oil... On my C4 for a while I was changing the fluid about once a year when I repalced the front rotots. Getting the fluid hot that much to wear out pads and rotors like that it doesn't last very long, even if you use the high temp stuff.


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