14 June 2024

Oh It Makes Sense Now

I was sitting here trying to figure out how being a nut case conspiracy theorist amounted to defamation.

Finally read up on Mr Jones' case.  Read up meaning skimming news stories without exulting headlines.

He probably would have been exonerated if he'd listened to what the court ordered him to do.

Yeah, you don't blow off the judge repeatedly and expect to win.

He basically handed the plaintiffs a win by default and it wasn't the overwhelmingly strong case they'd filed under.

I did not subscribe to his theories about Sandy Hook, but would never have sought to silence him.  That kind of shit is best actively ignored.

Now a different group of prick has money and they're wearing the skins of their dead children to advance an anti-gun agenda.


Those assholes have been running so many ads I can't skip on YouTube that I'm to the point of replying to the screen, "Good!" when they say, "my beloved baby died at Sandy Hook."

I was sad for them until the blamed me for their tragic loss.

The murderer (who isn't me or someone I hired) could have killed everyone he killed with a Sharps falling-block with the time given him by the police response.

The same sort of response that allowed Parkland to proceed until that shooter decided they were thirsty and head for McDonald's for a shake.

The same sort of response that kept help from getting unto the Ft Lauderdale airport to stop that shooter.

The same sort of response that listened to children being murdered in Uvalde, Texas.

The same sort of response that let the murderer in the Pulse nightclub to run themselves dry.

Nashville PD has the right of it when it come to responding.

But you can't sue the cops.  Yet, you have to sue someone.

Alex Jones is primarily guilty of having deep pockets and being foolish enough to ignore the instructions coming from the bench.  But he didn't kill those kids.

Even if he claimed that those kids didn't die and it was all a conspiracy to promote gun control.

Which after seeing how many wacky conspiracy theories have turned out to be true in the wake of Wu Ping Cough, Russian disinformation and Schrodinger's laptop...  Saying that any shooting might be a false flag to get gun control rolling again doesn't sound unreasonable even if have have to swing Occam's Razor HARD at it.


  1. Try installing adblocker Ultimate.
    I use it on FireFox and don't get U-t00b ads.
    On Edge- I don't and get them if they're not from a link.

    1. Philosophically, I'd be giving up some great blog material if I never saw the ads.

  2. Reminds me of what I heard about Tom Metzger, of WAR (White Aryan Resistance). Some skinheads killed an Ethiopian man in a brawl in Portland, and the SPLC seized on some statements of Metzger's to the effect that he'd heard some good things were going on in Portland to tie him in and blame him. Metzger, the damn fool, insisted on representing himself, and lost BIG. Even a lot of liberal-to-left-wing types were not pleased by this verdict---it set precedents that could easily be used against them some day.

    If Metzger had had any kind of decent lawyer, he'd probably have won, even against the SPLC's deep, deep pockets and legions of lawyers. But instead, he figured he was Tom Goddamn Metzger, who'd been on Oprah, and no legal beagle was going to tell HIM what to do!


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