13 June 2024

Push Back

Erin has mentioned the flak she's getting from trying to make the world a better place.

Considering that she's, specifically, advocating for LGBT pro-gun stuff; flak is to be expected.

But the way she's described it, doesn't sound like normal "icky guns" or "hate teh gheys" stuff.

I am wondering if she's being struck by the flak from people who don't really care about if someone is gay or not or if they're wearing the wrong clothes; but have been relentlessly hammered on by the LGBT movement that refuses to take the win until it's a massive loss.

The demands for inclusion and respect have gone well past reasonable.

People recognize when a bigot is hating them and they don't like it.  They push back.

That is hitting the reasonable LGBT people square in the jaw.

There's a huge swath of the LGBT movement that needs to understand that tolerate is the best they're going to get from a lot of people; but those people can be convinced to tolerate them.

Tolerate doesn't mean like.  It doesn't mean accept.  It, especially, does not mean, "put your interests ahead of mine."

Putting your interests ahead of mine is what a lot (all?) of the advocacy groups based on gender, race, and sex are after.

They dropped the veneer of wanting equality and are demanding to be in power over everyone else.

They're not happy with people not liking that.

People like Erin, who just want people like herself to be as safe as anyone else, are getting caught in the crossfire.  I can understand why she's depressed about it, getting shot by someone not even shooting at you is depressing.

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  1. There is an element in any movement that gets addicted to "the struggle," and keeps on keepin' on long after the reasonable people have got what they wanted and gone on with their lives. A lot of movements start out with perfectly reasonable requests, but when they get those fulfilled, some of them just come up with more, more and more demands until the rest of us get good and sick of them.


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