31 October 2016

Exquisitely Crafted, Affordable, Durable And Useless

In the summer I pocket carry.

In the winter I use a Galco Miami Classic.

I used to strong-side Inside Waistband (IWB).

Two things happened to stop IWB.  First I bought a car that I love that has nearly zero room for the gun on the strong side.  Second, I got a boil on my right hip that went septic and necrotic.

No room for the gun to ride is self explanatory.

The boil got medical attention (almost too late Thanks Obama!) but the puckered crater hurts when poked and it's pretty much where the muzzle will ride on most IWB holsters.  I've got enough constant pain from my shin and back from my accident I don't really want to add more.

It might be different if I lost some weight, but my gimpy leg prevents even walking long enough to do any good.

So I am fat and crippled and unable to avail myself of the "best" holsters and methods.

What (I think) I want is a good, IWB cross-draw holster.  Yes, I know, the experts have kittens whenever a carry method that points the gun beyond the 180˚ line is mentioned.  I think we're letting too much range mentality and fear of lawyers intrude on our thinking.

Something I discovered when I got a good IWB for my strong side that stayed put, protected the trigger and firmly held the gun...  It was near impossible to get at the gun with my weak hand!  It could be done but it was not a smooth draw it was more of a grab, pull, shift, pull, shift ready maneuver.

With a cross-draw rig for a gun I don't own or carry I borrowed, because it holds the gun canted more forward I could readily reach it with my weak hand, albeit awkwardly, for a one step draw.

What I want doesn't seem to be made.  That puts it in the custom holster world.  I am not prepared to spend custom holster money to see if what I want is something that I actually want and can live with.

I get extremely frustrated with so many people who are thin, hale and hearty explaining to me, oh so calmly and assuredly, that I am wrong and that I should get a good IWB holster.  Fine, suggest one.  "Oh, you need to try them out for yourself and see which one works best for you!"


Never mind that this is SPARTA Florida and we get a combination of heat and humidity you have to experience for yourself to understand the brutality of it.  Yes, I see on your weather histogram that you get heat and humidity where you live too, but it's not the same.  I used to live where I had your weather.  It.  Is.  Not.  The.  Same.  Trust me.

It makes choosing a holster material problematic.  Leather will get soaked, as will fabrics.  Plastics, like Kydex™ get a barrier of sweat between your skin and the material and that's got a coefficient of friction approaching zero.  Neither leather or Kydex™ are known for breathing either, so you end up with skin problems under the holster, like boils!

Plus there's what happens to your gun being bathed in salty water all day everyday and what protective measures to prevent damage to the gun does to your skin.

It makes you long for open carry just to get some comfort!


  1. Deep Conceal

    I use the gen 2 total Velcro universal shoulder rig.

    No, it's not tactical, but it's cheap enough to buy 2 so I can have one on me and one in the wash.

    I tried IWB but even without your boil problems the seatbelt locked my pistol into my holster. WTF good is that? Having it clunk around my ankles every time I went to the bathroom sucked too. As did having to buy a new wardrobe every time my weight fluctuated.

    I've rolled around on the ground working on my jeep while wearing this with a Sig P228 and spare 18rd mag and it was fine.

  2. I'm on my second New Orleans summer with an alien gear 3. It's almost that hot and humid here, and stays that way. The neoprene is nice against the skin and they purport to be able to configure for cross draw. I haven't tried with mine. Good thing is cost of entry is low and you've got a 30 day test drive.


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