19 October 2016

Because Willard Was Worried

If we should happen to see an Allosaurus outside...

.270 Winchester is enough medicine.

Its 36 ST gives it 36 HP and it's thick hide is DR 2.

7d pi will be 7d(0.5) pi+ with the hollow-point ammo I've got laid in.

7d is 24 points of basic damage on average.

Against the body the DR is doubled to 4, allowing 20 to penetrate which expands to 30.  Not enough for a one shot stop.

But the vitals are located where any other bird's are.  The 20 that penetrate will blossom to 60 and that's enough to knock it out, and with a HT of 11, it's prolly going to get knocked unconscious from this.

Trying to nail its tiny brain is much more difficult, but it could lead to a single shot death roll with 72 points delivered.

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