27 October 2016


If the gun-grabbers were correct, someone just got murdered in a parking lot.

But they aren't.

How can I tell?

Because in possession of both a carry permit and a firearm I did not shoot the driver of a special needs excursion van for SPITTING ON MY CAR for taking the last (and apparently HER) handicapped parking space.

The real stupidity here was doing it where I could see it and driving a van with your employer's phone number in 18" high letters on the side of it.

HR was certainly interested in what I had to say about their driver's behavior.  I repeated my story three times as the title of the person I talked to got higher and higher in the company.


  1. I bet she ended up having a nice conversation with the manager before lunch.

    1. Probably around closing time, and somebody brought some spare boxes.

  2. Might almost be considered fair game if you didn't have just as much right to that parking spot as she did. She doesn't know how lucky she is... but I do hope she got at least a stern reprimand...


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