14 October 2016

The End Of Politics As We Now Know It

I've another modest proposal.

Pick a day, let's say sixth months before the election and that's when all the states have their primary.

Make it illegal, with severe punishments, to leak results before they are all tabulated.

Results day is a week after Primary day, at the convention!.

Then, come Election Day.

Same black-out on results and they aren't read until all the votes are in.  It's two months from the election to inauguration, there's plenty of time for a proper counting.


I am sick of two solid years of campaigning for the next election.  For fuck's sake we're starting to see positioning  for the 2020 election already.

Sealing the results until they are all in will also end the discouragement that many feel about the process.  How many voters in Hawaii don't bother because they've seen the Florida and New York results before their polls even open?

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