19 October 2016

A Gem From Arfcom Of All Places

Arfcom's signal to noise ratio is often bad, but sometimes you get some truly great rants from the inmates.

Dear REPUBLICAN PARTY, here is the reality of the situation.

YOU --- have left US --- about three decades ago. Now, YOU have created a situation where WE --- will finally all leave you.

Your treatment of the GOP nominee, DONALD TRUMP, has been appalling. WE --- are the ones who chose Mr. Trump, not YOU!

WE --- rejected all the other candidates that you threw at us.

If there is a PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON, then every consequence of that presidency will be on all of YOU!

We voted Republican to FIGHT the democrats, not to get along with them.

We DID NOT vote for the Republicans to "reach across the aisle" to the democrats.

Above all, we DID NOT vote for Republicans to just give the democrats everything that they want.

Here's the reality that will come because of your establishment, corrupt career politician actions. If you all do not come around and support Mr. Trump, then it will then be OUR turn to leave YOU!

You will lose over half of your base, over half of your membership, over half of your donors. The GOP as we know it will be rendered impotent. You will then be equal to the Libertarians, the Greens, and every other third party option out there.

You could then stop being REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY, and join the democrats as you all really wish to do anyway.

The future of the party is up to you.

The destruction of the GOP is up to you also.

I also remember the do-nothing that came from the Contract With America, so this little gem isn't surprising to me.

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