12 October 2016


As the saying goes, "there's nothing more expensive than free [insert item here].

I have 100 rounds of Bitterroot Valley Ammunition Company's 300 gr Bear Load in .45 Colt that Willard gave me.

Their web page redirects endlessly.  Their phone is disconnected.

So I cannot simply ask, "is this load safe in an Anaconda?"

I have found conflicting information about velocity.  It's either 750 fps or 900 fps.

A couple of people stated that, in their opinions, that 900 fps is pushing .44 Magnum pressure, and I know that the Anaconda can take those.

I just want to make sure that it's not pushing Blackhawk or Contender only pressures.

One good thing about it being free is I can be OK with not shooting it.

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  1. this is not going to help at all. Recently Yankee Marshal claimed that Rugers are no stronger than any other modern revolver....just the Ruger chambers a a bit longer, so the "Ruger only" loads were more about OAL than pressure levels.

    So if you want to bet your wheelie on that, if it chambers it should be safe. At least drop it in the wheel and see if it stays below the forcing cone.


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