11 October 2016

Colt V-Frame Blues

If you own an Anaconda, you probably know this pain...

That nut was molded into the grip and if you crank down on it too hard, or use Loctite® on the screw... it comes right out.  There does not seem to be an adhesive known to man that will make that stainless steel flange-nut adhere to the rubber of the grip.

Since Colt and Numrich have long since run out of this grip, you are left with the aftermarket to supply your needs.

L -> R:  Colt OEM, Hogue Monogrip, Pachmayr Presentation.
The Hogue is readily available and affordable.  It also has an open back-strap design that lets the serrated strap really cut into your palm.  Plus the edges of the rubber where it meets the strap bite too.

The Pachmayr grip seems to be out of production, but they're still around here and there.  They use a normal escutcheon to pull the grip halves together, lessening the chance of them pulling through.  They are also a wrap-around style, protecting the palm from the gun!

I found two in a local gun shop today, one (pictured) with a greenish film and another without a screw.  I got both.

It also turns out that the screw is the same as the factory Colt, so I now have two complete Pachmayr Presentation grip sets for the gun!

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  1. Nice find! And yes, Colt failed on that one!


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