31 October 2016

But You Ate It

Read this:

In effect, she's allergic to dijon mustard, ordered something that normally comes with it without it, and didn't fucking check before digging in.

Gets zero sympathy from me.


I'm allergic to a food too.


When I see something on the menu that has them, I tend to order something else, but I also ask if it can be prepared without them.

Then, get this, I check to see if they've been omitted!

Not once has there been a problem with mentioning this when a mistake happens and my order is generally fixed or replaced.  Often with coupons for a free meal my next visit.

Wanna bet that she didn't call to complain, just called her lawyer?

I'm also willing to bet that her affliction has nothing to do with her allergy.  If they don't kill you, food reactions are normally transient.


  1. Yep can't imagine any permanent damage if she survived the reaction....if she has an allergy in the first place.

    These people who sue businesses for delivering normal service tend to have a massive track record. A company I worked for was (unsuccessfully) sued, and the complainant had a record of launching at least one lawsuit a year for harm.

    Your link didn't work, but from a news story I found, her statement was she ordered the item without both mustard AND Mayonnaise. It's not even like she could have mistaken one condiment for another...she just didn't look.

    A friend of mine had a peanut allergy as a kid. My folks would have a special bag with his name on it for Halloween and birthday parties if there were nuts for the rest of us.

    Even with all those acknowledgments of his allergy he would still inform my mother of his allergy at EVERY meal.

    Good way to stay happy and alive.

    I don't think this woman wants to be happy.

  2. Onions for me, a 1/8" piece will start me burping for about a half a hour, larger pieces and other unpleasant things happen.
    I make sure the server knows that I do not want any onions and it has been years since I have had to send anything back.


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