27 October 2016

Service Active Handling Code

JT brought his whiz-bang scan-tool to talk to The Precious...

He pulled out code C0161, which is the brake pedal position sensor.

A whopping $15 part lays low a $55,000 car.

It's essentially the switch that turns on the brake lights!

More than that, really.  It's a three wire connection.  One is a constant ground inside the Body Control Module (BCM), one is a 5v signal from the BCM and the third grounds inside the BCM when the pedal is pushed.

The BCM then talks to the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) and that's just one of the inputs for the anti-lock brakes, traction control and active handling system.

Something else that is probably going to get GM sued someday is the brake lights are triggered by the BCM too.  If the BCM loses power, no brake lights.  No BCM, no engine.

So some dark night, the BCM takes a dump and the driver stops the car... and a car behind him can't see...  SMACK!

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