12 October 2016

The Coming Shit Storm

One thing I can say is that I did not vote for candidate Trump in the primary.

I didn't vote for anyone in the primary, despite being a registered Republican.


Because by the time the primaries roll down to Florida, it's already decided and nearly any candidate I'd want to vote for has been eliminated by the voters of 25 states, 2 territories and The District of Columbia.

I mean look at it.  How many candidates were there on February 1st when Iowa vote and how many were still actively running come March 15th when my chance came?

My favorite guy hasn't hung in there for past four primaries where there was some contention.  It'd be five, but I don't count 2004 because there really wasn't a primary to knock out Bush Jr.

I wanted someone besides Bush in 2000.
I wanted someone beside McCain in 2008.
I wanted someone besides Romney in 2012.
I want someone besides Trump in 2016.

I am absolutely terrified of third party candidates now.  In 1992 I voted for Perot with a lot of people.  That got us eight years of Clinton.  This year the Libertarian candidate doesn't even own a gun.  I am almost to the point of staying home unless the candidate has more guns than my wife.  I'll limp door to door stumping for the candidate who owns more guns than I do!

I definitely don't want any more years of Clinton!


I've felt disenfranchised for a long time.  My issues are really on both sides of the aisle.  I'm guaranteed to not get someone to vote for.

Is it criminal to say that the only reason you watch The State of the Union speech is because it's a joint session of Congress with the President and Supreme Court sitting in one place and you want to see it when a meteor slams into the place?

Pity about all the museums, maybe it will be a small meteor?


  1. No meteor but a JAL 747 would be nice. Hell, taking out the JCS might help the war effort

    1. Someone without remorse should write a book about this clear and present danger, think of it as a debt of honor.

  2. They really DO need to just do the primary song-and-dance until two weeks before the conventions, and then just have a national primary, just like we have a national election.

    The idea that places like New Hampshire and Iowa somehow have more to say about politics than any other state seems very foolish.

    1. Personally I think most Iowans are too hayseed to be good indicators of the will of the nation. I don't know enough people from New Hampshire to comment on them.


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