18 October 2016

Luger Pics

Got out the camera and got left alone with Willard's bucket list item.

It's a 1916 P.08 made by DWM, well... mostly.  It's a parts gun.  But all that really means it was "affordable" rather than unattainable.  The slide, toggle, bolt and barrel are from one gun.  The frame and most other parts are from another and the side plate from a third.

It was made for Die Deutsches Heer, and we can tell from the proof marks!

It's got a loaded chamber indicator!  Does this mean it's Massachusetts or California legal?

It field strips readily.

Plus a bit more to make cleaning easy.

A hundred years ago, wood was what you used for polymer.

The spare magazines have plastic base caps, and I have literally bought entire guns that were cheaper than a Luger magazine is!

This guy took one all the way apart, so I don't have to!

Even if he hadn't, this animation is excellent for showing how it works, even if it's not quite the same version.

In China, they're both Luger!  In Japan they're both Ruger!  Isn't that handy?  Bill wasn't trying to sow any confusion with how it looks at all, was he?  I think under modern laws Ruger would be in some sort of trade dress violation against Deutsches Waffen und Munitionfabrik.

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