22 October 2016

Je suis choqué!

I am constantly amazed that people are shocked that the cheapest ammunition they can lay hands on is not the best ammunition you can buy.

Inaccurate, inconsistent, underpowered so it doesn't cycle?

Well, you paid 1/3 what premium ammo costs.

On the other hand, I'm deliriously happy that there is cheap ammo that works as well at it does!

But I guess it's expectations management.

Does it go bang every time?

Does it cycle the action consistently?

Does it group well enough to get an honest zero?

I get those three things and it can shoot a 12" group at 50 all day and I'm going to be happy.  Especially if the center of the group stays put when I change over to the premium fodder.

Maybe I'm a little more philosophical about it because there's not much out there in non-premium in some of the guns I shoot.

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