25 October 2016

Artsy Fartsy

FÉG SMC-380 in, .380 ACP.

Trying to be all artistic with the chopping log in the back yard.

I seriously want a better camera.  Being familiar with how Canon thinks already thanks to my PowerShot S5IS, I think the transition to DLSR will be smoother if I stay with Canon.

The problem with picking out a camera to replace the PowerShot is the features added with each model really are sweeter.

I've decided that I have to have the live-view to the screen rather than just looking at what the mirror shows through the viewfinder.  What my eye sees and what the CMOS sees won't always agree, seeing the CMOS output on the live-view fixes that.

I want the screen to pivot out, like the PowerShot does.

That kind of makes it the EOS 60D or the Rebel T3i (600D).  There's a camera shop right next to one of the local gun shops, I will have to stop in and see what they have.  By the way, the T4i is actually the one I'd really like as minimum; but the T5i (for some reason) is running cheaper on ebay.

Besides, last time I had a Nikon, people shot at me.  Picture quality suffers when I get shot at.  Or was it because I had 35mm film?  GET AWAY FROM THE CANS!

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