17 October 2016

Drive By Bayonetting

It was an early realization of mine of how far in the tank the entertainment industry was for the Democrats when what would be banned by the AWB was published.

I know you've heard the jokes about drive by bayonetting.

If the entertainment industry was neutral, someone would have filmed that skit, illustrating it for the pathetic bit of uselessness it was.


No comedy show stepped up and made it, and there were oh-so-many sketch comedy shows on the TV in 1993.

If they won't satirize the absurdity of banning a bayonet lug...  and only on a semi-auto with a detachable magazine.

It makes you wonder why.  I think it's because if you start being critical of the bayonet lug, you start seeing what else is absurd about the law, like a shoulder-thing-that-goes-up barrel shroud.

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