28 October 2016

Firearm Friday

Reservations not withstanding...

An EMF S.A. imported, Armi San Marco made, Colt Peacemaker with a 4-3/4" barrel in .45 Colt.

With it's bigger brother, also in .45 Colt.

According to the proof marks it was made in 2000 and it passes every check I can think of throwing at it short of metallurgical analysis.  The trigger feels good, everything locks like it should and there's no play where there shouldn't be.  I've read, over and over, that if you get a good one, you've got a good one.  Fingers crossed.

An interesting thing about it... it has a safety!

With the cylinder pin like this...

The hammer can fall all the way.

But if you push the cylinder pin release and push the pin to this position...

The hammer only falls this far.  That's because the hammer is resting on the pin that's now intruding into the hammer groove.  This was done to skirt around the import laws to allow a fixed firing pin to be used instead of a transfer bar setup.

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