24 October 2016

Mutter Mutter Update Mutter

Windows update just flat don't work anymore on my Win7 Ultimate 64 Bootcamp partition.

Spent all day on it and nary an update.

I know there's updates to Win7 out there, my laptop is getting them just fine.


  1. My wife is having the exact same issue with her desktop. Win7 64 bit pro sp1 (in some order). We have two other computers that update with no issues.

    She has spent a week working on it to some degree, and has run every fix you can find online. Still won't work.

  2. http://www.ghacks.net/2015/10/10/windows-update-minitool-is-a-third-party-client-for-updating-windows/

  3. The Mini-Tool client did nothing for us. Might work for someone, but hasn't helped my wife's PC at all.

    It actually seems to be a widespread problem, judging by the number of hits that come up in a search.


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