31 October 2016

That There Behind Us Was The Event Horizon

And I quote, "IMPORTANT: These plates are meant to be used strictly as a fitness accessory and should never be used as body armor."

Bold and italics in original.

I can now buy fake plates for my tacticool vest plate-carrier for the express purpose of exercising.

Just $41 for the 5-3/4 lb. plate (3/16" thick) and $54 for the 8-3/4 lb. plate (5/16" thick).

Laser cutting and powder coating sure must be expensive, because that's a $15 hunk of metal for the thin plate and $19 for the thick one either in common as dirt A-36 steel.

Update: these are single sheet, retail prices for the metal; if you're going to go into business doing this you can get it down to $5 per square foot for the 3/16" and $7 for the 5/16" and a square foot is ample to make the plate.

Here's your sign.  I printed it on the plate for you!

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  1. I wound up buying a basic plate carrier with NIJ III plates for the same as I'd spend on a weighted training vest in the same weight class with no bullet resistance.


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