13 October 2016

Things To Do When You're Bored And A Geek

Go through the Midway ammo section and find all the pistol caliber shotshells; then run the conversion process from High Tech on them.

#4 Bird is 1d-4(0.5) pi- 20/300.
#9 Bird is 1d-5(0.5) pi- 10/100.
#12 Pest is 1d-5(0.2) pi- 10/100.

The only difference between calibers becomes the number of pellets.

You will be availing yourself of the blunt trauma rules because none of these will do damage based on actual dice.

Because these can kill small things in the real world, small critters must have a super fragile rule or something.  Taking away the default DR 1 for DR 0 would do it.  I guess you could get a DR -1 for [-5] points and that would remove the DR 1 against fractional armor divisors.

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