21 October 2016

Trump = Hitler

Why is it when the Democrats identify someone as Hitler they focus on the Nationlist part and completely skip the Socialist part of National Socialist?

Especially since it's the Socialist part that's most worrisome.

Even if Donald was Hitler, something is missing from his movement that actual National Socialists used...

Can you spot it?

Where is the other who lives among us, pretending to be one of us, who is to blame for everything that keeps Germany America from being great and who must be punished?

For the people who're victims of public education (and are having trouble with the big words anyway) that was Jews in National Socialist Germany.

If Trump is Hitler, who are his Jews?  Now that you have a group in your head.  Is that group actually guilty of the activities Trump singled them out for?

German Jews weren't, but every group that I've seen Trump single out so far is.

We're looking at the difference between racist and rational again.

"That black guy, right there, stole my television," isn't racist.

"Black people steal televisions," is, even if the above statement is true.

Trump may be a lot of things, but he's not Hitler.

Of all the leaders we've had in the past 40, Mr Obama has come closest to the Fascist ideals so loved by The National Socialist German Workers Party.  Closest doesn't mean matched, but it's a trend I don't want to see continued.

Oh, another clue that Trump isn't Hitler, he's not a leftist.  Fascism and National Socialism were never right wing movements, they were only labeled so by Communists.  If you think of Hitler or Mussolini as right wing, congratulations, you're a victim of Commie propaganda!

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