14 October 2016

Holy Crap I Agree With Hillary

I too would like to see a borderless, single nation for all of The Americas.

Except I'd call it The United States.

I wouldn't like to see a balkanized mess like the EU without borders where there's many language and cultural differences between the member states.

There's nothing that precludes the USA from expanding peacefully into both continents except an unwillingness for the other nations of The Americas to become US of Americans.

Yet, they're perfectly willing to do the EU thing, because they've much to gain and we've much to lose.

We first have to admit that the US has a culture of its own.  Regardless of if it was assembled from spare parts of the cultures of everyone one who's ever immigrated here.

Next we have to decide that this culture is ours and worth defending and worth not diluting faster than it can assimilate new parts from other cultures.

To say, if you move here, you conform to OUR norms, respect OUR way of doing things, speak OUR language and if you can't, then go back where you came from.  Better yet, never leave there for here.

Stunningly, our norms, ways of doing things and language aren't really very hard.  Remember how we came by our culture?  It's adaptable, inviting and permissive.

But there's limits, please don't actively seek them.

We're still members of Western Civ, and that means there's a jackboot mode hidden in our genes.  Sure, we'll feel guilty afterwards, but that's AFTERWARDS.

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