29 October 2016

It Shoots!

The New Dakota shoots.

24 rounds of Winchester Cowboy Action Loads (USA45CB) 250gr Lead Flat Nose at 750 fps.
20 rounds of Winchester Super-X (X45CP2) 255gr Lead Round Nose at 860 fps.

Not perfect groups, but still lots of fun and this isn't a work gun.

Surprising to me, it points very well and shoots naturally.  The ducks were shot about as quick as Willard could squeeze them off.  I did three bottom rings and the two center ducks as fast as I could as well.

I am also the first person to apply a solvent to the gun.  The color-case-hardening was covered in some sort of lacquer, and that started peeling off when Shooter's Choice hit it.  I got most of it off and I think you can see the color better now.

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