22 October 2016

Campus Carry

Here's a sticky wicket.

Many states forbid campus carry.

Iowa is such a place in that they allow the individual campuses to decide.  "Shockingly" all of them have decided to ban carry.


Where's the boundary where I can and cannot carry?

I am familiar with Ames and Iowa State and I can't tell you if you're legal on the North side of Lincoln Way or not.

Lincoln Way is what I'd think of as the southern border of campus.

But then there's all the ISU property all around Ames.  Are these campuses as well?

How well defined is "campus"?

Is there signage?

I, for one, want to KNOW where the edges of the gun free victim zone lie so that I don't disrupt Father Darwin's work by trying to fire into them to save anyone stupid enough to enter one.

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