17 October 2016

Oh Wow

Ever been genuinely surprised you're alive the next day?

I dunno what I had, but it started yesterday with a few trips to the toilet then moved on to every single joint screaming in pain to a fever so stark I grabbed the winter comforter to snuggle under.

Then the weakness kicked in.  I couldn't move and was uncoordinated.  Good thing I was already in bed, huh?

The dreams were staggeringly impressive, and I don't remember a single one.

I woke up this morning sore, but the fever has obviously broken.

I don't remember ever getting this sick this fast before.  It was kind of scary.

It's also why I took the day off yesterday.


  1. I had the same affliction a couple of weeks ago.

    Never had anything like it before.

    I've had fever and chills, but never every single muscle and joint screaming at me all at the same time. I wound up spending about 18 hours in bed before I could actually manage to drag myself out of it.

    Luckily it came and went in a few days. I wound up having to chug about 5 gallons of water non-stop for those few days though.

  2. Damn, did you at last go to the doc to see what 'might' have caused it?

    1. "go to the doc" I know these individual words, but they don't make sense to me in this order.

      My health plan is VA-Obamacare, and they're so entirely obtuse about how much it could cost that I'll probably die rather than subject myself to the risk of the bills. I think that's planned, actually.

      Heck, I don't know where to go to get the care, or even what number to call.

  3. I've got employer paid health insurance... but even if I wanted to use it, it is pretty much worthless except in a catastrophe, and even then it would only slightly dull the pain... Compared to the coverage I _used_ to have, it pretty much sucks. The deductibles and co-pays are so high I've pretty nearly got to be financially ruined before the insurance company pays anything. Sure they will supposedly pay for a bunch of stuff... that I am not interested in.


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