31 October 2016

It's Hard To Respect You When You're So Damn Ignorant

A little known fact.

The state government cannot commit to any expenditure longer than one year.  That's a hidden consequence to our balanced budget amendment.

Mr Poor Put Upon First Responder, if they can't commit to a longer term than a year, why did you think they'd be able to honor a 5, 10 or 20 year agreement?

I found the "subject to budget concerns" clause, why didn't your union?

Boo hoo, you haven't gotten a raise in six years.  Weren't you just talking about a 10 year contract?  You've got four years left...

But wait, this started because you complained that the state reneged on it's 10 year agreement, but demanding a raise before its expiration is also an attempt to renege.

What really happened is your union told you that you had a 10 year agreement and pensions would be funded at some irrationally optimistic level.  The state, intelligently, included an out if there wasn't enough money for it and, get this, you agreed to it.  This isn't the state fucking you, it's YOU fucking you.

I'd have fucked you harder.  A lot harder.

Why?  Because you're already paid well, have extensive benefits that most people don't get, unheard of job security in the present economy and even though not funded as lavishly as you prefer still much better pension and retirement than virtually anyone in the private sector.

Next contract I'd give you a 20% raise, make you subject to "right to work" and make you responsible for all your health care and retirement just like the people you're supposed to be serving.

Serve, not bleed dry, you greedy fuck.  Every time you pull on your first-responder's-martyr-mantle it's always money.  Money money money.

You can climb down of the "it's a dangerous job" cross too, there's lots of jobs that are way more dangerous that get far less pay and zero benefits.

Any time you feel you're being too put upon that we don't think you're worth the pay you're demanding you can just find another job.  Good luck!  I wouldn't want you to think we're forcing you to stay at this one you clearly hate so damn much.

PS: This goes triple for teachers.

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  1. Let 'em join the Navy and come work on the flight deck... Just sayin'


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