20 February 2019

A Difficult Bar?

The normal chance of a malfunction with a modern firearm in GURPS is a roll of 17 or higher when you make your "to hit" roll.

This has a 1.85% chance of occurring.

This means that in the notorious 2,000 round test a normal everyday firearm should have 37 malfunctions.

Some guns are "very reliable" which means they require two rolls of 17 or higher to have a malfunction.  Some guns are inherently like this, some need modified to fine (reliable) or very fine (reliable).

This has a 0.034225% chance of happening.

That's less than one malfunctions in 2,000 rounds; one if we round up the 0.6845.

A case can be made that any TL8+ firearm has fine (reliable) built into it.

Update: Fixed the math and that altered the conclusion somewhat.

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