27 February 2019


Remington-Rand, in three years of production, almost doubles the number of M1911A1 pistols made by Colt in more than 20.

Ithaca, in two years of M1911A1 production, almost ties Colt's 21 year number.

Remington-Rand very nearly tied Colt's total M1911 and M1911A1 production which spanned 33 years.

All M1911A1 were made to a "throw the parts in a pillow case, shake vigorously, don't worry about which gun they came from interchangeability standard.  Ithaca and Remington-Rand tooled up in less than a year each to this high standard.

Remington-Rand's entire initial production run was scrapped because their parts wouldn't interchange with Colt's, despite the guns being fully functional and there being a war on.

There are more, rare and valuable, Union Switch and Signal M1911A1's made than Springfield made M1911's.  There are even fewer Remington-UMC M1911's.


  1. What is the difference between Remington Rand and Remington UMC? Were they subsidiaries, different companies, or something else? Were there are other Remington variants?

    1. Remington-UMC is the normal Remington who still makes guns today. UMC is Union Metallic Cartridge, also still in business.

      Remington-Rand was a business machine (typewriter) company; a merger of Remington Typewriter and Rand Kardex Corporation.

      Both were originally founded by E Remington, but had diverged and separated.

    2. Thank you; that is a useful answer.


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