19 February 2019


Miguel is concerned that we Florida gun owners don't seem too fired up about the slew of bullshit anti-gun crap going on in Tallahassee.

I'm fired up.

I'm definitely on my senator and representative's "it's THAT guy again!" list for emailing and calling.

The representative's... uh... representative even seems to finally grasp that what happened last year really was gun control and seems amiable to not making the same mistake twice.

The senator is very gung-ho and pro-gun.

I guess we will see come voting time.

Screaming here never seems to actually DO anything, so I've been slacking off it.

Some of the fatigue setting in is because I've been fighting this fight for 25 freaking years.

On the verge of victory, we snatched defeat out of its jaws by demanding purity and no compromise in getting conceal carry reciprocity and not bothering to read the fix-NICS portion of the bill which would have greased it right to The President's desk.  No compromise nearly always means no wins.

Look at all the progress no compromise has gotten either Mr Paul.

I am sick of knowing that one party is the enemy and the other cannot be trusted.

I am sick of Marion Hammer claiming to be doing oh so much, but never actually accomplishing anything.  I'm still smarting from her outright lie about killing off campus and open carry back in 2011.  The moment the Unified Sportsman of Florida stopped being the driving force behind the bill and things we unwashed peasant gun owners wanted got added; she pulled the USF and NRA support from it.  WE WATCHED HER DO IT!  Then she lied about doing it and blamed us.

As long as she's the spokesperson the Florida Congress looks to for what we want, we're dead.

I cannot find where I can join the USF as a member so that I might obtain a vote to steer their position.  I paid up a life membership with the NRA to get that vote, and I have now gotten to vote twice.

I donated some small amount to The Second Amendment Foundation.  They fight, they win.

I don't donate to Gunowners of America.  They're vocal, but they don't have anything in the win column that wasn't won by others.

For good or bad, this is no longer a legislative fight.  We're going to have to win it in court.

I would also like to point out that if we'd given up on the legislature in 2011 and gotten a ballot initiative going when we were all fired up and frisky: we'd be open carrying on campus these past seven years.

But we had to be pure.

We had to be no compromise.

We had to condemn each other for not liking what we liked or liking what we didn't.


  1. WTF is the USF? Do you mean Florida Sport Shooting Association (FSSA)?


    1. Unified Sportsmen of Florida. Marion's pro-gun organization where she appears to be the sole member.


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