13 February 2019

Staring At The Full Moon Like A Lover

Got my artist's canvas today.

Hit AutoCAD.


This was frustrating because I had to cut the 9x12 sheet of canvas down to 8-1/2x12 so it would fit... then tell AutoCAD about the custom size... then set six or seven other parameters so it would print full size on the sheet oriented correctly...  Then the printer would fuck up and I'd have to cut another sheet, reset the parameters...

THREE FUCKING TIMES!  But I'm all better now.

I don't have a hole-punch small enough for the 5mm balls that hold it to the rigging, so I just cut an X in the circle with an X-Acto® knife.

Et Voila!

Update: 30 years ago, this ship looked liked this:

I converted the rigging to a single mast and a spanker almost immeadiately, but it took me a LONG time to finally get good research on what to make the sail from.  Using a computer just made it easier once I got there.

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