25 February 2019

Living In The Future

I've been curious to read the original Robert E Howard Conan stories for a long time.

My dad read them and got me a subscription to the comics from Marvel.  Both Conan and Savage Sword of Conan.

I've always liked the world and setting.

The problem is there's a lot of copycat material out there (like the comics).

There's also ton of books labeled "Robert E Howard's" but are by another author and it's sometimes hard to tell if it's his or simply his world and characters.

But Amazon has the complete Robert E Howard Conan: The Barbarian for a mere 99¢ if you are willing to have it on Kindle.

Shut up and take my money.


  1. Didn't even know I was in the market, but for that price!

    On a similar vein

  2. I've been re-reading the series in paperback. A little local used book store has them - yellowed pages and all. So far, my favorite book (they are all collections of short stories) is "Conan: The Wanderer".

  3. Probably not helpful at this juncture, but please see: http://freeread.com.au/@RGLibrary/authors.html#letterF, for pretty much everything that Howard wrote.

    1. Helpful in that it reminded me of the Kull series! That's one I've only heard allusions to.


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